1350 pt. Space Marines vs. Tyranids

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1350 pt. Space Marines vs. Tyranids

Post by Ivellios » Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:04 am

It was a 1350-point battle, annihilation rules between my Marines, and his Tyranids. My list looked a little like this:

Exemplars of Tursh


2 - 10 Man Tactical Squads, both with flamers, one with a Heavy Bolter, 1 Multi-Melta, 1 rhino

Ironclad Dreadnought, Heavy flamer, Melta gun

5-Man Termi squad, Cyc Launcher

Predator w/ H Bolter Sponsons

Land Raider

1 Land Speeder w/ multi melta

His list, by memory, included:

Hive Tyrant

1 Carnifex

2 squads 20 Hormagaunts

3 Nid Warriors

All basically maxed out in upgrades, all in Mycetic Spores with TL Deathspitters, I think? The 3 blasts Str 5 thing?

2 Lictors

I let him "set up" first, then set up my guys at the table edge as such:

Troops w/ H bolter IC DN
Rhino w/ MM troops Predator Land Raider
Table Edge

He dropped half his spores basically in this set up:
Gaunts Tyrant Fex

Troops w/ H bolter IC DN Termis / Lys
Rhino w/ MM troops Predator Land Raider
Table Edge

First turn: Just psychic attack by Tyrant, did nothing. My raider put 2 wounds on his fex. Termis fired into the gaunts, killed ~a dozen. Troops fired into his gaunts, overall killed 13. MM in rhino hit a spore. Pred was wholly ineffective. Charged w/ troops into gaunts, lost 1 marine, killed the rest of the gaunts. Termi's charged into gaunts, killed them all.

2nd turn: He dropped a lictor and the warriors. The tyrant used a psych. atk. and killed 3 of the Tac Marines. His spores did some damage, killing 1 termie, 2 Tac Mars. Fex charged the Termis, killed 2 and received death by Lysander. Tyrant charged the troops, killed 3, and they retreated w/ combat tactics.
Disembarked the Tac Mars with the MM. Unloaded on the tyrant with both squads, and the ICDN, did 1 or 2 wounds to him. Predator did a wound or 2 to the Lictor. Termis shot him to death. LR killed a spore. ICDN killed the Tyrant.

3rd Turn: He shot up the MM Tac squad with his myc spores TL deathspitters, killed them all and immobilized the rhino. Killed 1 more termi. 2nd licor attacked the DN, did nothing. Warriors attacked the DN, did nothing. DN destroyed the termies, lictor died by either the Raider or the Pred. Myc spores got taken out.

4th turn: 1 myc cpore left. It did nothing, and was killed by Lysander, the 1 remaining termi, and a land speeder.


I lost:
4 termis
15 Tac Marines
Autocannon turret

He lost:
40 Horms
1 carnifex
1 Tyrant
2 lictors
5 Myc spores
3 warriors

It was a great game overall. We had an awesome time. The other game that was being played behind us was a 2700 point apoc game. 4 players. IG & Salamanders vs. (Clearly Heretical) IG & Eldar. IG & Salamanders won by quite a lot. Great day for the Imperium, great day for 40k.
2275 Pts. Exemplars of Tursh (SM)
355 Pts. Tyranids

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