Haemonculus Covens vs. Instigators 1850p WH40K Video Batrep

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Haemonculus Covens vs. Instigators 1850p WH40K Video Batrep

Postby Lost Vyper » Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:30 am

Flesh vs. Metal!

Instigators are coming for the Haemonculus Xorobz´s head! While harvesting for fresh flesh, Haemonculus was not aware of the trap they were lured in. Instigators are waiting patiently and now it´s time to spring that trap...can the Covens escape? Is the trap an illusion and the Instigator flesh is what the Covens came in for? Is the high level of mechanical supremacy too much for the covens? Can the four Drednaughts play nice with the six Talos?

Brutal game of 40k, using Supremacy cards and Empyric Storms to spice thing up. It was nice to play a game with fluffier lists, hadn´t done that in a while!


- Lost Vyper / Reseda Prime

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