New to Sigmar looking for tips with Greenskinz

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New to Sigmar looking for tips with Greenskinz

Post by angrymelta » Tue May 08, 2018 9:00 pm

I have a large greenskin army I got from a buddy and am looking for tips on playing it, my army consists of

Ork warboss on wyvren
40 black orks/ ard boyz
100 night goblins spears and nets
30 night goblin archers
11 boar boyz
10 spider rider grots
1 goblin bigboss on giant spider
2 arachnarock spiders
1 goblin shaman
15 savage orks
2 doom divers
1 rock lobba
1 spear chucka
1 squig arty unit
mangler squigs

I was thinking about making a list like:
ork warboss on wyvren
goblin bigboss on giant spider
goblin shaman
2x 10 ard boyz
40 night goblins with spears
a few maybe 3 or 4 goblin fanatics
a doom diver catapult/ rock lobba
20 night goblin archers
1 arachnarok spider
10 spider riders

thanks for taking the time. Cheers!


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