AoS Disciples of Tzeentch Escalation League 1500 point questions

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AoS Disciples of Tzeentch Escalation League 1500 point questions

Post by Koonitz » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:37 am

I'm playing in an AoS escalation league where we are in the first month. We started at 1,000 points and are expanding by 500 points a month. At this point, I'm at a bit of a crossroads on what I want to add to my list as we expand to 1,500 points. Note that we are able to remove up to 25% of our points cost (250 points, here) in units to modify our list.

Note, as well, that the 1,500 point list is using the Vanguard restrictions (2 battleline), with the 2,000 point step going up to Battlehost.

1,000 (970) point list:
[+] Expand
Tzaangor Shaman

Tzaangors x20 (various kit)
Pink Horrors x10

Tzaangor Enlightened on Discs x3
Screamers of Tzeentch x3
Blue Horrors x10
I am planning on adding a Lord of Change (1,270 points total). however, at this point, I'm a little stumped on where to go and would like a suggestion or two. I have three planned paths. Note that I currently have all models available to me to build these lists. They're just not all painted.

Path 1:
- Remove the Screamers and Blue Horrors.
- Add 6 Tzaangor Skyfires. This puts me at 1,500 even with the Lord of Change.

Path 2:
- Remove Blue Horrors.
- Add 6 Screamers to existing unit of 3.
- Add unit of Brimstone Horrors to fill points. This puts me at 1,500 points even.

Path 3:
- As path 2, but only 3 more Screamers and no Brimstones.
- Add 3 Tzaangor Enlightened to existing unit of 3. This puts me at 1,500 points even.

Path 1 has the benefit of Skyfires being a particularly competitive unit. But I'll have to paint up 6 Skyfires. Doable, but the most work of all of the options.

Path 2 gives me a juicy unit of 9 screamers, of which 6 are already painted, and the other 3 will be easy to paint (compared to Tzaangor Skyfires!). But I find they aren't the best unit. They tend to perform pretty lackluster, especially compared to Tzaangor Enlightened. Though this may be me being biased from their performance in 40k. I really like their "if close to a friendly Tzeentch daemon hero, all attacks on the screamers that roll a 6 count as misses." That can really mess up a lot of specialty units. The Brimstones (already painted) are just for filling points and giving me a buffer unit that can either roadblock, or objective hold.

Path 3 takes path 2 and fills the points with Tzaangor Enlightened, instead of more screamers. I lose the Brimstones, and now have to paint up 3 more Enlightened. Not as bad as 6 Skyfires, though. The Enlightened I find are hit-or-miss. When they hit, they hit HARD, but they have to suffer damage first. They gain bonuses in the fight phase if there's an enemy unit that has ALREADY attacked. They're great to pair up for a one-two punch combo, or for flanking and hitting weak enemy units that can't do much damage to them. Though 20 Tzaangor, 6 Enlightened and 6 Screamers are a nasty, hard hitting core.

In addition, the current rumours for the 40k Thousand Sons codex are that Tzaangor Enlightened are joining the Thousand Sons in the future. But no word on the Skyfires. If only the Enlightened are coming, being ahead of the game by building more Enlightened is good. If the Skyfires are also coming, then there's no loss in going with Path 1. (Edit: Just watched the WarHammerTV Twitch stream of today's Thousand Sons game, and it looks like they are using Skyfires in the game. May have just answered my question, but we'll see....)

Any thoughts or suggestions on which path I should take? Note that I currently don't have any plans to use a formation, even at 2,000 points. I intend to boost my Tzaangors to 30, add either a unit of Kairic Acolytes or another unit of Pink Horrors for my 3rd Battleline, then possibly another Shaman, for the 2,000 point level. If I have points left over, I may see if there's a formation I can use, but I haven't thought that far ahead.
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Re: AoS Disciples of Tzeentch Escalation League 1500 point questions

Post by skipgiblets » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:32 pm

I know I am late to this, and I am relatively new to Tzeentch and AOS, but here are my two cents. Take whatever is going to give you more shooting/magic. I kind of like option 1 the best. Brimstone are like meh, but are good for cheap units to hold an objective in the backline. I still like option 1 though. What did you go with?
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