New player looking for advice: Orcs & Goblins in AOS

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New player looking for advice: Orcs & Goblins in AOS

Post by jewperbro » Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:22 pm

Don't know much about how to play AOS but the simplest core mechanics and I am looking to get into it as I have received an Orcs and Goblins army from a friend. Long story short, looking for faction advise and just knowledge of how to play the army especially with what I got though suggest anything about unit commendation to list whole list as this and army I plan on growing...

Here's what I got:
2X Night Goblin Boss
2X Night Goblin Shaman
80X Night Goblin Spearmen (4X Full Command)
40X Night Goblin Archers (2X Full Command)
20X Forest Goblin Spider Riders (2x Full Command)
9X Night Goblin Fanatics
2X Trolls
1X in box Skull pass paint set (10X additional Night Goblin Spearmen)
1X in box Normal Goblin Regiment (20X Goblins)
1X in box Goblin Wolf Riders (10X Wolf Riders)
1X in box Orc Boar Boy Chariot (1X Boar Chariot)
1X in box Noblars regiment (24X Noblars)
1X in box Ironguts (4X Ironguts)

Thanks for the help gang. :)


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