Tzeentch Arcanites question

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Tzeentch Arcanites question

Post by Paxvlae » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:16 am


New to the forum, please be gentle. Asking the very first question:
TL;DR: why are Tzeentch Arcanites so strong?

My brother picked them up as his faction and we've already played several games and it's almost impossible to beat them. Mostly because of the Enlightened and Skyfires (both with discs).

16" move, 4 wounds, more than decent attacks (2 x: -1 rend, 2 dmg | d3 x: -1 rend, d3 dmg) not including beaks since they are nothing compared to those. They get crazy synergies what with being close to the Shaman and Tzaangor battalion. Shaman may respawn models with Fold Reality spell (since they gain DEMON keyword when they are on discs), but still its not the best thing about this unit. The best thing is that they may re-roll all failed hit AND wound rolls if an enemy within 3" attacked before them in combat phase (Guided by the Past ability).

16" move, 4 wounds, great shooting (they are arguably the best shooting unit in the game right now) (1 x: 24" range, -1 rend, d3 dmg, but if they hit on a 6+ they deal d3 mortal wounds instead, so bypass even the best of the armors). They even get +1 to hit when they are 9" from Shaman so they do mortals on 5+. Their range with their move make it impossible to outmaneuver them. Shaman may respawn them, same as Enlightened. A cherry on top: they get re-rolls in close combat when NO enemy within 3" attacked before them in combat phase. They might not be the best in close combat, what with the 5+/5+ on the bows and not much better beaks but, BUT they still get the d3 x: -1 rend, d3 dmg attack from the discs. So again they might be the best in close combat among shooting units in the game.

Those may be fielded with or without the discs but the crazy thing is: they cost the same, point-wise. At least until new General's Handbook comes out.

To sum up, you field a unit of 3 Enlightened for 160 points and a unit of 3 Skyfires for 160 points and you get a crazy versatile setup with 24 wounds total, hard hitting, maybe not the toughest (5+ save) but still they may be brought back with the spell.
Now to compare, for the similar point value you might get a two units of five hexwraiths (Death) with 20 wounds total, definitely tougher (4+ save, ignore rend) but not nearly as good in combat. A two units of Gore-Gruntas (Destruction, for 360, so 40 points over) with 30 wounds total, 4+ save, but again not nearly as good in combat and significantly slower with their 9" move.
Now I know it's not totally fair to compare like that since every faction got it's own unique synergies and battalions but something still smells birdy around here, doesn't it?


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