new to the game. 1000p seraphon list

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new to the game. 1000p seraphon list

Post by steam » Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:37 pm

Hey. Have some lizardmen miniatures for waaaay back! My friends suggested to try the game, so here I am. 1000p list, and need your advice.


Slann starmaster


Engine of the Gods


10 Saurus Warriors (clubs)
10 Saurus Guard
5 Saurus Knight
10 Skinks (boltspitters and star Buckler)

In my collection I have
1 slann
1 skink priest
1 saurus lord on cold one
20 saurus warriors
20 temple guard
10 skink with blow pipes
10 cold one riders
2 swarms
engine of the gods

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Re: new to the game. 1000p seraphon list

Post by Koonitz » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:19 am

I wish I could help you out. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly familiar with the Seraphon army.

Overall, I've found that, generally for AoS, most models are fairly balanced and there are only a rare few 'poor choices'. I'd start by trying with what you enjoy, play a few games, and refine from your personal experiences from there. It's good, for you, that you have a collection large enough to give you some options to allow you to experiment like this.
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