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ironjawz campain list

Post by blood-angels » Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:53 pm

So a friend of mine has thouth of making a campain at our local gaming club where we will have 3 heroes and 1000p of units to use.
I would like some input on my first draft on this army

Megaboss on maw-krusha

not deciden on yet, thorn between:
A: Megaboss or a Warchanter and a wierdnob shaman.
B: 2 wierdnob shamans

option A:
3 units of Brutes + brutefist formation
1 unit of gore-gruntas
1 unit of ardboyz
option B:
5 untis of brutes + brutefist formation

any comments and suggestions are welcome
white scars: 2000p+ almost all painted
Ironjawz AoS: 2100p. painted 100%
few other projects too


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