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Re: Custom legion

Post by MarkOfNotch » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:10 am

You might want to look at the Blackshields rules in HH6 for some inspiration. They are quite balanced rules, although less powerful than their legion brethren. They have more downsides such as gaining +1 strength and toughness but they also have -1 Initiative, -1 to run and charge moves and can't sweeping advance, things like that. (Thats probably the best one actually- bring lots of Cataphractii with Power Fists and its all upside).

They could give inspiration to you though and as they are balanced/on the weak side of balanced and so if you used them as a basis for your own custom legion rules it might help you from getting too OP. The truth is, if you make your own custom rules for your own army sometimes you need to almost make them weaker than the actual rules or people will just perceive you as giving yourself an advantage- even if thats not the case, even if you just roll well, there are some people out there who will just call it OP if the game goes in your favour because you came up with it. Depends on the age/maturity levels of your group I suppose.

Also if someone doesn't want to play against your custom legion you can run them as Blackshields with no fluff conflict (Blackshields obscured their heraldry or had their own, so variant colour schemes are allowed).
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