Custodes Power Level

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Custodes Power Level

Post by Xlv7 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:35 pm

Hey Guys

I just played my first game against a Custodes army. 3000 points Sons of Horus vs Custodes and Geigor and a grey slayers. The Sons of Horus managed to scrap a victory by the skin of their teeth. A few moments in the game were really defining and swung the game both ways. However never once during the game did I feel I was fighting something overpowered or game breaking. However I always had the feeling of danger from what ever unit was coming in closer.

Has anyone here played Custodes. How did you do against the Emperors Golden Bananas and I am wondering what your thoughts on their power level. I personally believe that they are a well balanced force that require very special tactics in order to counter them.

Anywho what are your guys thoughts on this new 30k force.


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