Space Wolves list:

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Space Wolves list:

Post by Xlv7 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:14 am

Hey guys helping a friend build a list for his 30k space pups.
What we have so far:
Rite of War: Either none or the Bloodied Claws. Would force the removal of a drop pod.

Giegor Fell Hand
A Speaker of the Dead with Articifer armour. He will be taking 7 deathsworn as a retinue.
The Wolf Kin of Russ (For mostly Fluff purposes but they could be awesome)

15 Man team of Grey Slayers with bolters and sarge with artificer and a lightning claw

5 man Wolf Guard Team with frost claws and chainfists. We are looking for these guys to be a threat against everything on the board.

A Contemptor Drednought with close combat weapon and Multimelta

Fast Attack:
A Dreadclaw Drop Pod

Heavy Support
Karybidis Assault Claw

Leviathan Dreadnought with stormcannon, seige claw, phospex, armoured ceramite. Dreadnought Drop Pod

Lord of War

Leman Russ

This list comes to 2490/2500

The idea of the list is to have a alpha strike team to hem in the enemy while the foot sloggers run their way up the board. Hopefully forcing the opponent to choose between shooting a large team of grey slayers or the Wolf King who just showed up with a leviathan right on top of the enemy. The main weakness I see is a lack of anti flyer but with the goal of absolutely owning the ground game and the surgical removal of key threats during the alpha strike. Hopefully all the wolves should be knocking on the ememies door by turn 2 or 3 at the max.


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