Space Wolves or World Eaters?

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Space Wolves or World Eaters?

Post by Lightningsymphony » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:11 pm,0 ... List_(30k)

Been looking at this and questioning: I could get an army who's basic troop can shoot bolters then charge and has +1 WS on the charge, or I can get an army where if I take CCW I can get a +1 Strength and AP4 for any unit then reroll to wound rolls of 1.

Which is stronger?
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Re: Space Wolves or World Eaters?

Post by NotAlpharius » Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:58 pm

From my understanding and local meta, 30K is more personal tastes. I, and pretty much everyone at my club, chose our legions based on narrative, traitor/loyalist, aesthetics, and special units. I find the subterfuge and adaptability of the Alpha Legion to be my kind of warfare style in both fluff and game play and I fell in love with the FW metallic teal paint scheme. My buddy loves the resilience and simple color scheme of the Iron Hands. My point is that choosing a legion should be based on personal preference rather than better/more effective rule sets.

Incase you do like the fluff, aesthetics and other criteria of the two legions in question I would pose these questions:

1) Do your prefer the assault phase and the pummeling your foe into the dirt? Or, does the idea of a softening up a foe before charging in to finish them off sound better?

2) Do you have a preference in chapter specific units or characters?

3) Which legion do you feel better about painting?

If you are looking for a more objective answer to your question then statistically:

10x Wolves (bolters, no additional ccw, 125pts) would average 2.22 unsaved wounds from rapid firing and inflict 2.33 unsaved wounds in melee for a total of 4.55 wounds on the charge with rapid fire and hitting on 3's.

10x World Eaters (bolt pistols and chain axes, 125pts) would average 1.11 unsaved wounds from their pistols and inflict ~4 unsaved wounds in the assault phase for a total of ~5.11 wounds from bolt pistols, +1 str and rerolling 1's to wound.
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