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Starting Sons of Horus

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:41 pm
by Xlv7
Hey Everyone

I have decided to take the leap and start a Sons of Horus army now the my Night Lords are complete. I have ordered the big man himself along with the support Cadre from forge world that comes with a contemptor with twin kheres, 5 justerian and 5 reavers.
What I will have in the nest few weeks is
5 justerian
10 reavers
5 tartoros Termies with lightning claws
20 man tactical squad
1 Scorpius.
My main question is what is a good way to run the Sons. I'm looking for a close engagement style and aggressive play style. Any one who plays this army let me know how it ticks and what to add. I love the Abbadon model along with Lokens so they may be next. However I'm new to the force and would love suggestions.