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Re: BoP Possibilities

Post by Kovlovsky » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:58 pm

I don't know how I missed this thread. Obviously, we don't know yet what will be in the next FW HH book about Prospero, but there are some infos that can be taken from existing sources about the TS legion. It's largely a foot slogging legion and not a very mechanised one. There are a few Land Raiders mentionned in A Thousand Sons and it's about everything. They also have one significative Reaver Titan inside the Pyrae temple that was disabled in a previous particularly bloody campaign that they fought. Their strength therefore comes largely from their veteran squads led by experienced psykers and their ultra loyal and obedient Scarab Occult Terminators. They heavily use psychic powers and are said to be equiped with the first general issued Assault Cannons (maybe they're prototypes). I believe that Legion Heavy Support squads are mentionned at some point too (with missile launchers as I recall). They also mention using light jetbikes at some point, so maybe you could stretch it a little and get some of the amazing Legion Skyhunter Jetbikes.

If I was you, if you don't want to wait before seeing what they get, I would advise you to either make large Tactical squads with Apothecaries attached to them or some veteran squads and very limited armored support. Terminators should obviously use Land Raiders since they're mentionned (Spartans too by extansion). Legion Heavy Support squads should be used obviously. I think these can be safely assumed to be useful models in their future list. It's still pretty thin, but that is what I know. I would also avoid all "ethically doubtful" stuff if possible like Legion Destroyers by example. The XVth Legion is portrayed as going at great length to not damage libraries, infrastructures and all sources of learning when during campaigns to impose imperial "compliance" and negociate a peaceful resolution when possible. So, chemical and nuclear warfare is out of question.
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