GB 65: something borrowed

Something Borrowed
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GB 65: something borrowed

Post by Nappen » Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:32 am

Welcome to Group Build Number 65

This month's theme: Something Borrowed

I know, you never saw that one coming... Lots of ways to interpret this one and all are acceptable. Just build something cool.

If anyone has any questions; this is the place to ask!


1) Those who participate are expected to post progres s reports of their build under their own topic heading (i.e. GBXIX:Blue’s Big Hill).
-Please format it like this. Place ‘GBXVIII:’ in the beginning of your subjects.
-Once completed you MUST edit the topics title to include the word “complete”. (i.e. GBXV:Blue’s Big Hill-Complete) This is done by editing the original posts subject.-Once completed I will usually choose 2 of the completed pictures from every build to be added to the voting thread, but the number of entries may enable more, or require less

2) Please don't post pictures of a piece of terrain that you have already built. The idea of this build is to make something new. Therefore you must post at least 2 pictures, one being a work in progress, one being a finished product. Play fair, don't cheat!

3) Entries must be completed by the deadline in order to qualify.

4) You can enter multiple times.
-please do a separate thread for each entry.

5) All participants that complete will get a campaign ribbon added to their sig.
-I will keep tabs on everyone who completes and deserves a ribbon/badge until the ribbons are issued.
-Only one completion each month goes towards ribbons, ie three completions in a month gets one ribbon, not three.

6) Builds must be painted to be eligible for voting.

The build begins Now and finishes 7/31/15 11:59 PM CST. With voting the first week in June.

Follow-up thoughts:
It is recommended that you hold off on making a thread until you have some thing to show in it. (You can always do a sketch and post a picture of that)
Take some pictures of your build that you feel really show it off the best. It always helps to have a mini next to it for scale also.

Good luck everyone! GO!


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