Grey Knights fighting for the Tyranids?

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Re: Grey Knights fighting for the Tyranids?

Post by Munin » Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:45 am

The usual rationale for this is that by fighting against the AdMech (or whomever), they are diverting forces that would otherwise be fighting the Tyranids (or whomever).

So for instance, the Dominus in this sector of Vadurak has been instrumental in keeping the growth of the Tyranids menace in check. He understands them in a way that few do, and has been doing yeoman's work in keeping one step ahead of the Hive Mind. Rumor has it, this is at least partially accomplished by using an arcane scrying technology, possibly of xenos origin (Vadurak is, after all, an old tomb world). So this Dominus is doing great things - right up until the Inquisition rampages in and grabs him for "questioning," at which point this lynchpin in the sector's defense against the Tyranids is suddenly gone.

Ergo, while the Grey Knights aren't really fighting for the Tyranids, the Tyranids are the ones who really benefit.

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Re: Grey Knights fighting for the Tyranids?

Post by Kovlovsky » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:56 am

I don't it made much sense that Grey Knights would help the Tyranids that much by hiting the heretical xenos scavenging Ad Mech. I prefered when the first Grey Knight guy fought for the Necrons. It made more sense because their infighting with the Ad Mech made easier for the Necrons to wake the sleeping Necrons. I think the MWG crew should ask for a more serious fluff explanation for odd matches.
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Re: Grey Knights fighting for the Tyranids?

Post by Aegis » Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:12 pm

As Munin said, it is best to look at it as though the faction that receives the win/loss is more capitalizing on war resources going elsewhere. We always left it up to the guests to decide which faction they would like to help/hinder in regards to match ups of the same faction fighting each other.

I am fairly certain I have mentioned that once or twice in the games, but I can understand the desire to have a bit more of the narrative in the report itself.
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