Ideas to make shield gens more interesting?

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Ideas to make shield gens more interesting?

Post by Mjollnir445 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:23 pm

Starting a narrative campaign and I want to spice up the shield gens. Any and all ideas are welcome and I'm looking for some criticism on the few I've found to be interesting so far.

Mess with enemy deployment:
you have more - 1 enemy unit must start in reserves (can't be a flyer/unit that MUST start in reserves)
you have double - 2 enemy units
you have triple - 2 enemy units of your choice

Add something to the table:
you have more - place one item of your choice from Battlefield Debris after deployment in own zone (pg109 BRB)
you have double - same as above but +1
you have triple - same as above but can place them anywhere

Give USRs
you have more - one unit has stealth
you have double - 2 units have stealth
you have triple - 2 units have shrouded (lose bonuses for double so no stealth & shrouded)

Let me know what you think and plz add some of your own, this campaign is a few months away so I've got time to kick the idea around!

Edit: Also sorry if this is the wrong forum to post


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