Grot Tank Battles!

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Re: Grot Tank Battles!

Post by Magnus01 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:02 am

Grot battle tanks would be great. They would have BS 4 which would make it easier to hit. Give it some massive orkie cannon made out of random junk found on the floor (the gun actually works) and blast the enemy away. Also we should add a rule just for fun (similar to shock attack gun and biovore) and we should shoot a grot model at then if it hits he either is in assault (on a 1) or hits them hard (like a normal gun). If he misses he is a is single model wondering around on the battle field or dies from impact (also on a one). I know this will never exist but it would be fun to just use in a single battle with other orkie randomness.
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Re: Grot Tank Battles!

Post by jake4928 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:39 pm

another game you could do is each player has 1 grot that they can upgrade and give wargear etc. and have them battle it out.
p.s. ive never played 40k so if this doesnt make sense or would never work thats why

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Re: Grot Tank Battles!

Post by sebastionsynn » Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:01 am

well someone did threadnomancy, but i'm cool with it, otherwise i would have never seen this thread or the rules, and would have missed out on something great.

i've already started digging around to find stuff for building my grot tanks out of. I've actually been wanting to build grot tanks for awhile now, but really didn't have a reason for them yet, as my Ork army got all the build time.

the grot warz poster gave me a great idea for building an arena, i'm going to have to grab up some AoBr Boyz and get to work. I've got the showcase thread subscribed to, so as soon as i have something to show, i'll get it posted there right away.

also gonna print this stuff out, and see if i can get some of the gamers at my FLGS to play it with me, then depending on how things go, try and do a tourney set up.

we need new updates to the rules though, what with 6th edition being released and changes to vehicles, and so on. shouldn't be much of a change either way, most vehicles now have 3 hull pts, and walkers have 2 hull pts. the 3 hull pts includes a trukk, and a rhino in the list, so a grot tank could conceivably have between 2 or 3 hull pts.

we need an assault phase in the rules as well, especially for "The Shiny Thing" scenario. imagine what would happen if some sneaky grot parked his tank right on top of the shiny thing. the boyz would then have no way to recover the item, and would be forced to "assault" the grots tank to get it. we also need an assault phase for when Deff Dredds, Killa Kans, Gargantuan Squigs, and baby Squiggoths are introduced into the arena by a bored warboss.
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Re: Grot Tank Battles!

Post by whit » Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:22 pm

what tanks do you play with are they the forge world ones or could any rhino work
either way I want to try this out


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