Tyranid Tactica!!!!! 5th, 6th and 7th editions

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Ragnar76 » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:45 pm

Hi all,

1st posting in this thread and pretty new to nids. Just got myself a rule book, Warth of the Hive Mind and Deathstorm boxset. Thinking to start with what Matt say about a shooty nids list in youtube.

Like to ask...does a shooty nids really works??

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Z0anthr0pe » Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:32 am

The only thing with Tyranids is that you haave to have synapse pretty much everywhere. Dakkafexes are good, but if they run out of synapse they'll go smashing anything, which could lead to it being shot down.
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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by drewman05 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:04 pm

Ragnar76 wrote:Hi all,

1st posting in this thread and pretty new to nids. Just got myself a rule book, Warth of the Hive Mind and Deathstorm boxset. Thinking to start with what Matt say about a shooty nids list in youtube.

Like to ask...does a shooty nids really works??

Shooty Nids are the only way I play Nids. With psyker support and a Mawloc or 2 I find the army incredibly fun to play.

One of my favorite units in a shooty list is 20 "devil" gants (termagants with devourers) in a Tyranocyte (spore pod). That's 60 s4 shots on a relatively safe deep strike!
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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Corsair420 » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:48 am

I've been doing a lot of thinking on my nids, and almost all my forces are going to contain a living artillery node, I love artillery and getting to reroll is amazing, + pinning on every attack. one thing I've noticed on batreps and when talking to people about it, people don't seem to use Biovores as area denial and i'm curious what peoples opinions are on that. I mean, aim 4 inches in front of advancing force, your chances are good that you're either going to A: block their advance to an objective or to your forces or B: scatter onto the enemy and deal damage, and even if you miss there is a spore mine cluster they have to think about next turn. But I only ever see people attacking units directly?

I am also a fan of overwhelming firepower, so until it gets utterly decimated enough to rethink it, i'll be running a full squad of devilgaunts, on average you're dealing 7-8 unsaved wounds to tac marines, makes me smile, needless to say I plan to be a shooty nid army, but I do plan to have a can opener fex with crushing claws and HVC (I know its a bit expensive) hiding behind a group of hormgaunts to help it get close, as I dont have any tyrannocytes yet.

let me know what you all think

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by TropicThunder » Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:46 am

You're not allowed to intentionally miss with a Biovore shot. Per the book your first Barrage shot has to be placed over the target. You can aim for a model at the front of the unit if you want to scatter short, but it has to at least center on a model in the unit.

Regarding your can opener unit, I recommend removing the HVC and replacing with the free ScyTals. Add on Bio-Plasma, instead. The intent is to advance anyway, so you might as well spend those points on a potent low AP weapon with a blast profile and short range. You can also give them Adrenal Glands to improve their closing speed and garner better benefit from Onslaught.

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Corsair420 » Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:47 pm

hmm I guess I didn't read it clearly for the biovores, but that makes sense.

for the carnifex originally i did not have a tyrannocyte, so i wanted the shooting to hurt things from a distance, but i was ale to get one for cheaper than expected so i'll b taking your advice an dropping can opener very close to vehicles

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Koonitz » Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:39 pm

Dheiti wrote:Question on nids.

Pulled my army out the loft, had my first game in a decade the other week against space wolves.

Army is very footslogging, but I'm ok with that - infiltrated Genestealers keep armies busy while I get up close, however I have encountered a sticking point against my army: flyers.

Space wolf army had a flyer (the one with the hell frost cannon thing) and I simply couldn't hit it. I managed to get a few warp lances manifested with zoanthropes, but was always snap shooting as it was flying. So never actually landed a manifested hit.

My question is this. Other than a flyrant/other flying nids (which I'm guessing when flying hits as normal against other flyers?) what other solutions are there for nids vs any flyer? Whenever I play this guy he's going to bring it, I can't rely on snap firing psychic to pop it!
Flyers have two separate weaknesses when it comes to trying to damage them. First, of course, being other flyers/flying monstrous creatures. When zooming(flyer) or swooping(flying MC), a model may choose to fire at other flyers. The way this work is when you nominate it, ALL weapons on the flyer/flying MC gain the skyfire special rule, allowing them to fire at other flyers/flying MCs using their normal BS. A flying MC also has the ability to do what is known as a "Vector Strike". This can affect any model that it can normally target with it, but it is more effective against other flyers/flying MCs. I do also believe that the Harpy or the Hive Crone has a bonus to its vector strike that makes it particularly dangerous.

Another weakness Flyers/Flying MCs have is that they can sometimes choose to come down, out of the sky. A flyer that has the (Hover) subtype may choose to enter hover mode, in which case during that turn and the enemy's turn, it is treated exactly like a fast skimmer. The benefits for doing so are that it can rotate more than 90 degrees and is not restricted to moving a minimum of 18" in a turn. This also means that it is fired upon like a fast skimmer, instead of a Flyer (no snap shooting, and you can charge them). Any and all flying MCs have the option to enter "Glide" mode, which means they are treated just like a jumppack monstrous creature. If they choose to enter these modes, then that's your opportunity to hit them and hit them hard.

There are other stipulations and restrictions put upon both types of models when changing flight modes, so I encourage you to read up on them in the main rulebook.

It's another type of model that requires another type of defense. Time to adapt.
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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Maester64 » Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:13 am

Last time I played against space wolves with my Nids, I basically used a full group of 6 zoanthropes, that were able to lance it once and stun it(can only move 18in, no pivoting) then I ran some Venomthropes in the way so it could not actually move the 18in, and it crashed.

The other option is to bring some Hive Crones, as they have rerollable Haywire attacks, and a S8 Vector strike. Also, you can put them on the board turn one(its a huge gamble) but it can be prepared for any fliers that enter the board.

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Pyropower » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:32 am

I regularly play against a space wolves player and he brought that exact flyer (horrible hellfrost) for the first time a couple of days ago.
A flyrant with 2 TL devourers was what managed to take it down. Because flyers have to fire in arcs but FMC can fire 360. Just always plan a move ahead so that his 90 degree turn never lets him put fire on it. Then I just glanced him to death with the devourers. I admit it was a lucky roll to bring it down in one turn but even if it takes a couple he will be so distracted by the flyrant, the rest of your guys will gain a bit of breathing room

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Spruelord » Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:21 am

Dead thread needs to be resurrected.

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Re: Tyranid Tactica!!!!!

Post by Kovlovsky » Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:51 am

Spruelord wrote:Dead thread needs to be resurrected.
No this thread is full of obsolete information and quite frankly, it's an impossible mess. I'm unsticking and locking it. Tyranid players are welcomed to create a new 8th edition tactica thread however. I will be pleased to stick it. :)
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