1000 - Tau - Vior'la

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1000 - Tau - Vior'la

Post by PlazmaBurn » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:11 pm

Hey all,

I'm a fairly new T'au player who's getting back into 40k after a long time away, and I'm about to play my first "full" game (I've played 3 other matches, but they were very casual 500 point games without objectives/command points/etc.; just two newbies seeing what their units could do and shooting at each other). I've put together a 1000 point list (well, 1002 points) and I'm looking for suggestions:


Ethereal on Hover Drone w/ 2 shield drones, Puretide Engram Chip, and Academy Luminary warlord trait
Cadre Fireblade w/2 marker drones

Strike Team (5) w/2 markerlight Shas'ui and 2 marker drones
Strike Team (5) (same load out as above)
Kroot carnivores (10)

Cadre Fireblade w/2 marker drones

Ghostkeel w/advanced targeting and counterfire defense system
Riptide w/2 shielded missile drones, velocity tracker, and early warning override
Kroot shaper

Cadre Fireblade w/2 marker drones

Heavy Support:
Broadside w/velocity tracker
Broadside w/drone controller
4 sniper drones

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Re: 1000 - Tau - Vior'la

Post by Jeffers » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:13 pm

If it was me I would dump the shield missile drones. They are expensive in terms of points.

I've used a ghostkeel and found the weapons quite underwhelming as the main guns are heavy so by moving it hits on 5's. I would move the shield drones from the ethereal to the broadsides for protection.


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