1750 - Iyanden Warhost "Sunfury"

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1750 - Iyanden Warhost "Sunfury"

Post by Ronin » Mon May 21, 2018 6:25 pm

In preparations for the possibility of GW shifting to 1750 games as the new standard, I've designed a list that's meant to deal with the heavy tank and monstrous creature meta at my local shops so here's what I had in mind. C&C is welcome although I'll note that my collection is still pretty limited in terms of options.
- Autarch w/Wings (Firesabre, Banshee Mask, Shuriken Pistol)
- Farseer (Doom, Mind War)
- Spiritseer (Jinx/Protect)

- Dire Avengers (5 man)
- Dire Avengers (5 man)
- Dire Avengers (5 man)
- Dire Avengers (5 man)

- Wraithguard (10 man, D-Cannons)
- Howling Banshees (10 woman, Exarch w/Executioner)

Fast Attack
- Swooping Hawks (6 man)

Heavy Support
- Fire Prism

- Hemlock Wraithfighter

- Wave Serpent (Twin Shuriken Cannon, twin catapults)
- Wave Serpent (Twin Shuriken Cannon, twin catapults)
Off the bat, I'll be burning 3CP to drop the Wraithguard and Howling Banshees in deep strike which will be supported by the Autarch for reroll hits and Swooping Hawks to clear away opposing screens so that the banshees can charge in with +3 to their movement. The dire avengers and psykers goes into the wave serpents and push up for midfield control and the flyer strafes between the deep strike and the midfield to provide support. It might be really gimmicky, but I could try to leadership debuff units down by -3 and then mind war them to character snipe. The fire prism holds the rear objective in cover, if possible.


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