Hammerhead gunship weapons

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Hammerhead gunship weapons

Post by Deathwatch205 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:40 pm

Hi guys I was wondering what main weapon is better for gunships.

I'm planning on getting longstrike and a couple other hammerheads so is the Ion cannon or rail gun better for this.

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Re: Hammerhead gunship weapons

Post by Bojazz » Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:49 pm

Tau Sept Railguns have a gimmick that you can have fun with, but Ion is better overall. Since Longstrike gets +1 to his Wound rolls vs monsters/vehicles, that means he can proc the D3 mortal wound effect on a 5+ rather than a 6+. If you manage to land a wound on something, you can pop Focus Fire, and then ALL your hammerheads get to do the D3 damage on a 5+ (or Longstrike on a 4+).

While that does seem fun (if it goes well), Ion Cannons are better than Railguns overall. Longstrike's buff makes the Hammerheads immune to the Overcharging wound, so they get more shots with higher strength, better AP, and 3 times the damage compared to a railgun's submunitions. The standard ion vs rail solid shot also results in the Ion cannon doing more damage on average. The Ion Cannon is also a couple points cheaper than the Hammerhead.

Personally, I'd put a Railgun on Longstrike and give his friends Ion Cannons.
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