Tau Septs are ok?

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Tau Septs are ok?

Post by TobyGaunt89 » Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:00 am

Looking over the benefits of the Tau Septs in the new Tau Codex and my though go as follows:

Tau Sept, Vior'la Sept and Bork'an Sept appears to be good and seem to follow the theme of the Tau quite nicely. Farsight I'm not sure about but I guess having access to Farsight is it's own reward. However. I find Dal'yth Sept and Sa'cea Sept to be somewhat lackluster in both rules and lore creativness. For my two cents I would have made them as following:

Dal'yth Sept: Vanishing Tide

Through a combination of tactical maneuvering and elaborate positioning the T'au of Dal'yth aims to strike at the heart of their foe before they are even seen. Camouflaged to their surrounding they later shift into seemingly hidden pathways as though they were never there; disapating like the tide of a soaring wave

Whenever a unit arrives via Manta Strike or Infiltrator rules, until the start of the next friendly movement phase, benefits from cover even if in open ground. In addition, if a unit with this sept makes a Fall Back move and ends its move more then 9" away from any enemy units your opponent must subtract 1 from any to hit rolls that target this unit until the start of your next movement phase.

Sa'cea Sept: Becalming Fortitude

Students of both history and war, the T'au of Sa'cea seeks to plan each strategic move on the battlefield with the express intent of being one step ahead of the enemy. Through this methodical style of warfare, Sa'cea achieves an almost unrivaled sense of serenity when the mental challanges of war face them. Allowing them to endure hardships that others would have subcume to aeons ago.

Whenever a unit with this sept takes a Moral Test, it may add or subtract 1 from the result. Furthermore, if all Sa'cea units required to take a Moral Test successfully passed their Moral Test you may roll a single D6. On a roll of a 5+, you regain 1 Command Point used earlier in the game.

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Re: Tau Septs are ok?

Post by Jeffers » Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:28 pm

Borkan to me is the one that screams pick me, pick me.

Looking at the strategem and artifacts again they look very good.

Im on the fence with farsight. Their sept rule is decent, but the warlord trait and that looks not overly strong. Until i test them out its early to call


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