Tau book incoming

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Tau book incoming

Post by Jeffers » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:56 pm

Tau book is confirmed for march. What would you like to see?

For me being a tau player, i dont use any of the xeno auxillaries as i dont find them viable.

The tau commander spam needs to be looked at (increasing that bad name) and puts people off playing against tau.

I find markerlights have gone far the wrong way in terms the numbers you need to get the buff.

Special weapons such as the ion rifle, avaiable for fire warriors?

Tau sniper team- never believe they should be a heavy support choice due to the competition on that slot and their role. I mainly played tau in 7th so i know alot of people didnt bring them, are they viable now?

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Re: Tau book incoming

Post by Bojazz » Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:00 am

Things I'd like to see either nerfed or slightly reworked:
- Drones: I like their new functionality, but they're a little over the top right now. I've seen an army of pure drones obliterate a Tyranid army. It was crazy.
- commanders: Sure they're strong, but I think that's fine. My real problem with them is how they currently trivialize crisis suits. I'd love to see a change that more clearly separates their roles from crisis suits so more people will take them.

Things I'd like to see buffed:
- I'd love for one of the Sept subfaction bonuses to benefit kroot up to a more usable level.
- snipers are still pretty meh, although the heavy slot doesn't matter too much anymore given the new detachments available to everyone unless you're trying to max CP with batallions.
- skyrays need something to make them usable. Currently they are basically like playing with a points handicap. You get a few mortal wounds out of it and then it's just a crazy expensive markerlight tank.
- burst cannons need to either be buffed or have a points reduction. Currently they do the exact same things as the two drones that come attached to vehicles by default, but they're more expensive for some reason.
-a broadside points decrease would be nice, but not super critical. I Would settle for a nice interaction with one of the Sept bonuses.
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Re: Tau book incoming

Post by TobyGaunt89 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:30 am

Well, altough I am not versed with playing with (or even against) Tau Empire there are a couple of things I'd like to see and a couple things I don't want to see in the upcoming Codex.

Pro's in new Codex:

1) Overall points reduction for models that are 1-15pts too expensive (again, I'm not versed with the cost of many of the units within the Index, but putting Tau points wise on the same tally as the other prior Codex' is a good start).

2) Removing the last paragraph in For The Greater Good ability. By letting the mass Overwatch salvo remain in play the Tau Empire gunline will most likely be helped against multiple Deep Strikers to long rush charges (of 9" Charge range or further). Bolstering this with a Stratagem that allows the charged unit to fire Overwatch at normal Ballistic Skill value and you will make your opponent think twice before making a callous charge.

3) A strengthening in the To Wound roll department in the Shooting Phase (via Stratagems). E.I. say a 2 Command Point stratagem that serves as a Kill Shot (see Codex: Space Marines) Stratagem for Tau Infantry units.

4) Increased Movement abilities via Stratagems and/or Warlord Traits.

5) Increasing the BS: 5+ models to BS: 4+. Although removing wargear on models that would give such a boost.

6) Increase Pulse Weapons AP value from AP:0 to AP:-1. But remove wargear that would otherwise boost these weapons AP value.

7) Increase the Damage output for Heavy ranged weapons to be more consistant. E.i. many Damage D3 into Flat Damage 2 or Damage 3. And many Damage D6 weapons may roll two dice and pick the highest.

Cons in new Codex:

1) Limit the Markerlight table to three bonuses, in this order:

(1) Removes Cover Save bonus for target enemy unit.
(2) Destroyer and Seeker Missiles does not need line of sight to fire at unit (no longer a automatic given rule for taking these missiles).
(3) Friendly Tau Empire models may re-roll Hit Rolls of 1's when attacking the target unit in the Shooting Phase.

2) Reduce Ballistic Skill 3+ models to Ballistic Skill 4+ while also reducing Ballistic Skill 2+ down to Ballistic Skill 3+. In this junction also secure that there are no other bonuses to the To Hit rolls throughout the Codex (counting Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Relics/Wargear and core abilities). The easiest way of making Tau Empire OP is to grant too many boosts to its To Hit rolls in the Shooting Phase.

3) Reducing Leadership values (for Non-HQ models) down by 1. (Putting many models down to Ld:5-6 rather then Ld:6-7). While also putting emphasis on using the HQ models Ld value, like Ld:10, to grant other units within X amount of inches that Ld value. The Tau Empire is after all a caste society, and must thus sustain its Moral via its military/spiritual leaders.

4) Retain the inability to deal with the Psychic Phase. The Tau Empire will still view such a phase as its core achilles heel in mitigating Deny The Witch rolls.


As the text shows above it is clear that I would like to see Tau Empire be granted a boost in Movement and damage utput; specifically through bonuses to its To Wound rolls and consistant Damage values.
But, with an overall mediocre To Hit roll ability of 4+ (50/50 chance) and Moral issues if the HQ models (most likely the Warlord) is taken out. All armies have strong points and weak points. And I hope this is the direction GW has headed for Tau Empire in the upcoming release.

And as always. Happy Wargaming :)

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Re: Tau book incoming

Post by Gamer-Guy » Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:07 pm

Here is what I would like to see:
-a points cost reduction for riptides.
-BS on crisis suits going up to 3+ (elites with a 4+ to hit is dumb, and it would make them more desirable over commander spam)
-something (preferably a stratagem, or relic) to give us a chance at deny the witch.
-give the sky ray something to replenish it’s missiles(after it fires, it's pretty much useless)


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