2000 point Necrons list thoughts

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2000 point Necrons list thoughts

Post by SubmarineBear » Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:28 am

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Necrons) [51 PL, 1015pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Heavy Destroyers [12 PL, 225pts]
. 3x Heavy Destroyer: 3x Heavy Gauss Cannon

+ HQ +

Orikan the Diviner [8 PL, 143pts]

Overlord [7 PL, 154pts]: Resurrection Orb, Staff of Light, The Veil of Darkness
. Warlord: Warlord Trait (BRB 1): Legendary Fighter

+ Troops +

Immortals [8 PL, 153pts]: Gauss Blaster, 9x Immortal

Immortals [8 PL, 170pts]: 10x Immortal, Tesla Carbine

Immortals [8 PL, 170pts]: Gauss Blaster, 10x Immortal

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Necrons) [46 PL, 983pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Canoptek Spyders [4 PL, 109pts]
. Canoptek Spyder: Fabricator Claw Array, Gloom Prism
. . Two Particle Beamers: 2x Particle Beamer

+ HQ +

Catacomb Command Barge [10 PL, 162pts]: Tesla Cannon, Warscythe

+ Elites +

Triarch Praetorians [16 PL, 350pts]: 10x Triarch Praetorian, Voidblade and Particle Caster

Triarch Stalker [8 PL, 181pts]: Twin Heavy Gauss Cannon

Triarch Stalker [8 PL, 181pts]: Twin Heavy Gauss Cannon

++ Total: [97 PL, 1998pts] ++

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What do yous think

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