I need help with a Nid List 2000 points

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I need help with a Nid List 2000 points

Post by Xlv7 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:13 am

Hey Guys

Ive been tinkering with my bugs and I havent played 8th edition nids yet. Im loving the look of the carnifexes this edition however everything in the book looks great. So here is my tentative list.

2 Detachments
15 Hormagaunts
15 Devilguants
3 warriors with bone swords and deathspitters
Heavy Support
Detachment 2
Old One Eye
Heavy Support
2 carnifexs with scything talons, venom cannons and enhanced senses spine banks
2 carnifexs with scything talons and two devourers enhanced senses spine banks
1 carnifex with 2 sets scything talons, tusks
1 Screamer Killer

General battle plan is for the trygon and mawlock to distract the enemy while the carnifexes storm up the table. Swarmlord is there to enhance the movement of the units and you know to murder everything. Im thinking of using Jorgamdur with the malanthrope to keep the carnifexes alive while they storm up the field.

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