Eldar Troop choises loadout

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Eldar Troop choises loadout

Post by Runesteel » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:37 am

Hi everyone!

In thoughts of creating a small battalion detachment for my Craftworld force I stuck into a question in which I need to ask those, who have more playing experience. And the question is on a loadout of a troop choises, especialy Guardians and Dire Avengers.

- For Guardians the question is about which weapon is better for a Heavy Weapons Platform and in which situation?
- For Dire Avengers the question is mostly about shimmershield and 5+ invulnerable safe it provides. Is it worthy 20 points for a troop choise and for which squad size?

The background for this is that now I have a Iyanden army of Wraith constructs, but as it's detachments point values just to high for a 1000 points game I wanted to create a relatively cheap (not more than 400-ish points) battalion infantry detachment with wheather an Iyanden or an Ulthwe affinity, with last one in favour. The loadout for a Spirit host can be seen in a following thread:


Thanks in advance for your tips!
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Re: Eldar Troop choises loadout

Post by Bojazz » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:44 pm

Guardian heavy weapon platforms are dependent on what you want to use them for. If you're looking for midfield pushers/area denial then take a shuriken cannon on them and move them where they need to be. They do great in an alaitoc detachment with a warlock to conceal them (for a -2 to be hit most of the time) or with a wave serpent to ferry them, although that seems a little out of your price range. Alternatively if the rest of your force is pushing midfield and you need some backfield objective holders then take a heavy weapon of your choice (bright Lances are my favorite) and plop them in terrain somewhere. Again warlocks help to keep them alive. In this case protect is a bit better than conceal, because you can get -1 to be hit from Alaitoc since you'll always be in the backfield (barring deep strikers), +1 Armour from cover, and an additional +1 Armour from protect, effectively giving you +3 Armour guardians.

For the shimmershield I'd only recommend it when taking a larger unit. The only time it comes in useful is when you're making saves against a weapon with more with a -1 rend, and how often do people shoot basic troops choices with high rending weapons? The more models in the unit the more value you get out of the shield, so if you think your avengers will be getting shot by scary weapons then take one in a full unit of 10. Otherwise min squads of 5 with double catapults on the exarch is the ideal loadout IMO.
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Re: Eldar Troop choises loadout

Post by jwak » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:00 pm

My personal preference for Guardian heavy weapon platforms is the shuriken cannon. They're incredibly versatile, especially when coupled with Doom, and your Guardians can still advance without worrying about the irritating -1 for shooting. The only other choice that I can see being worthwhile is the Bright Lance, but given that it hinders the units manoeuvrability I can only see it being a better choice if you are desperate for more anti-tank or if you plan on keeping the Guardians backfield.

All that said, have you thought about not taking any weapon platform at all? If you're going for as low points cost as possible, losing the platform is a simple way to make Guardians cheaper. I quite often set up a unit without a weapon platform in the webway. Deepstrike down for a mass of shuriken fire, which when coupled with Guide/Doom/Discipline of the Black Guardians stratagem provides a scary amount of shooting.

As for the shimmershield, Bojazz hit the nail on the head. Double catapults are almost always a better option, in my opinion.

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Re: Eldar Troop choises loadout

Post by Jeffers » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:23 pm

My friend always run avengers. 5+ on overwatch and the 20pt shimmershield is worth its weight in gold for a max size squad. Stick asurman to bump them up


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