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Main part of the background was made through a Craftworld generator, however, parts of it were not.

Craftworld Auduyen

Encountered first by the imperium in M37, Craftworld Auduyen has a very temperate rainforest climate. Quite beautiful to humans, as it is nothing like the forests of most worlds. A remnant of their long lost homeworld. The most popular path on the Craftworld is the path of shaping, in the creation of the Ghost Warriors they almost always use in battle. Though most consider this necromancy, the Aeldari Of Auduyen consider it simply the best way to keep themselves safe. Their military strength, while not prodigious, is well enough for both defensive and offensive purposes. Though they favor the Dark Reaper shrine for those who follow the warrior path, those Reapers are always accompanied by their Wraith brethren. Their hero, a female Troupe Master harlequin by the name of The Welcome Mistress hunted after an archon of the Black Heart and stole back a relic stolen from the Craftworld. Outmaneuvering the raiding party in order to do so, and slaying the archon in the process. Their allies, as they call them, are a regiment of Catachan guards known as the 205th Sand Devils. They often guide the guardsmen against foes that would otherwise help in later attacking their Craftworld, or in the act of protecting Eldar souls or life. Though this guidance is a mutual trust that had to be built upon slowly. Though because of their stolen artifact, though recovered, Auduyen often battles against the Dark Eldar, and specifically the Black Heart Kabal.
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Re: Auduyen

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What is this Craftworld generator and where do I find it?


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