Ork Meks and Weapons

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Ork Meks and Weapons

Post by Nagrom29 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:19 pm

Hi, has anyone found any rules that would allow Meks or Big Meks to repair vehicles while embarked in said vehicle? I'm leaning towards no but if you found the justification for allowing please let me know with a page number.

Furthermore, does equipping your Warboss with two power klaws grant him any additional attacks? I haven't noticed the rule that would grant it. The choppa for instance explicitly says it grants +1 attack with the choppa.


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Re: Ork Meks and Weapons

Post by Koonitz » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:02 am

Any model embarked on a transport is considered not on the board. As such, any abilities or auras are unable to be used until they disembark.

So, no, they cannot repair a vehicle they are embarked upon unless specifically stated so. For example, a model embarked upon a trukk may fire out of the trukk because of the trukk's special rule allowing it, but are restricted to only doing so as the rule dictates.

No attacks are gained for having more than one melee weapon unless otherwise stated (for instance, lightning claws, I believe, grant extra attacks for having two, and some walkers like dreadnoughts state they specifically get extra attacks if they have two weapons). The benefit for having multiple weapons is the versatility of being able to split your attacks between them (so having two of the same is pretty pointless, otherwise).
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