Help with Genestealer Cult for friends

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Help with Genestealer Cult for friends

Post by Koonitz » Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:27 pm

As some of you are aware, I am part of a SloGro league that started at 500 points and is now at 1,000 points. I know two people in the league who are playing Genestealer Cult. Both are struggling to find victory in any game they play. Sadly, I'm not terribly familiar with the army, and with 8th being so new, it's difficult to even provide general advice.

Both players struggle, largely, to organize any strong offensive, with shooting suffering from the same problems as the Guard (4+ or worse to hit, with cult ambushing meaning their heavy hitting ranged weapons are at ork levels of shooting without the weight of fire) without the capabilities to bring the numbers or the focus to make it work. Assault also tends to struggle as it can be difficult to get their quite fragile units into position to get assaults off in the numbers they need, while also aligning with cult ambushes (note, this is Matched Play, so only 50% of the army may be in cult ambush). Against me, I tend to find they struggled to hit me in any co-ordinated fashion that I couldn't just counter with relative ease with my own forces.

At 500/1,000 points, they just don't have the numbers to provide a credible enough threat. A single unit of Neophytes or acolytes just won't do enough damage. One of them has a decent unit of Purestrain genestealers, but they tend to be one-trick a lot of the time, being relatively expensive (especially after being bumped back up to 15 points), and often shot off the board after their first charge.

I'm looking for any kind of advice that I can provide to these two people to help them up their game and find what works for the GSC. Both at the smaller point levels, and at the upper tiers.
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Re: Help with Genestealer Cult for friends

Post by blippityblip » Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:26 pm

ill be completely honest, i know very little about GSC, but would perhaps min/maxing squads help? having numerous squads of the cheap units and then trying to throw in as many units of genestealers as they can, having it so atleast 50% of the army is cheap throw away units, and the other 50% in genestealers, then trying to get as many of them into assault as soon as they can to negate their opponents shooting while using the cheap units to grab objectives and kill off any remnants the stealers leave, i dont have my index handy, i lent it to a friend for his Tau but i believe genestealers are kinda scary in close combat still, i also vaguely remember they get extra attacks if they have 10 or more models (i dont think i just made that up) so having perhaps just 3 10-12 man squads running around would give them a little extra bite?

again, im by far an expert, just throwing an idea out there
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Re: Help with Genestealer Cult for friends

Post by amadeus2k » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:58 am


Finally I achieved to play my GC in 8th edition. I am not sure if this is still viable to you or your friend, but I'd like to share my impressions:

I tried pure GC, GC + various AM, GC + some tyranids. Not much of a surprise the GC/AM combo was the most successful one. This goes so far that for games of a more competitive nature I am fielding more like an awkward AM Regiment with the Cult Ambush Regiment Tactics and awesome CC units.

At the moment I excessly use reserve-like deployment to isolate and block off enemy units while hammering my opponent with massive artillery fire. Hoping he either ignores the LR/Basi/HW Teams or my fast objective grabbers.

While I got smashed once, the other games were enjoyable for both players.

Next I will try to go for the GC/Tyranid option.

Any comments are welcome :)

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Re: Help with Genestealer Cult for friends

Post by xsquidz » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:54 am

GSC is interesting and I have only had success so far with lots and lots of genestealers. A 2K list I am using in a league is:

Now I know that is more points then you are looking for and it includes nids but you can always scale this back to 1K. I basically take cheap troop units to sit on objectives in cover (and to make sure I have 50% of my units on the board), this list also doesn't really need command points so I use them to pass morale checks on an genestealer unit that gets hit hard. With a primus I get 2 rolls with each big genestealer squad to get either a 5 or a 6 (55% chance with 2 rolls and I have 3 units doing this so 1-2 should get it on turn 1) which basically guarantees a first turn charge-that way you don't have to close the gap and the swarmlord does the same in the pod, use his ability on himself. This army is also nice because it can go first or 2nd and do fine, if you go 2nd all they can shoot are the cheap crappy troops and then you slam them with reserves. GENESTEALERS!

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B1 10 Neophyte Hybrids

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B1 20 Purestrain Genestealers
B1 20 Purestrain Genestealers

Nids Battalion
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B2 1 Malanthrope

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B2 10 Termagants
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