Orks 8th Edition: Discussion

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Orks 8th Edition: Discussion

Post by Donteatrawhagis » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:26 pm

So it's the dawning of the Dark Imperium and the Orks are back in town.

What are your thoughts on the new changes?

Quick Thoughts:
• Heavy Armor being built into units. But no 'ardboyz
• Gretchin no longer require Runtherders. But Runtherders still buff them.
• Upgrades like Ammo Runts, Bomb Squigs, and Grot Oilers have stats and can die.
• Assault can occur from deepstrike equivalents and from all transports.
• Nobs got a Power Stabba, which was one of their Cybork Body arms in their kit that looked like a Harpoon.
• Deff Dreads can be taken in groups of three, but act independently from each other.
• Weirdboy is still weird. But also can blow up if too close to many units.
• Warboss allows Advance and Charge with his Waaagh! ABILITY.
•Big Mek's Shokk Attack Gun lost its fluffy-ness but gained being a viable option.

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Re: Orks 8th Edition: Discussion

Post by TobyGaunt89 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:14 pm

Overall Orks seems to be part of the big winners for this edition as Horde armies now can be played viable. I think Quirk phrased it well that the meta is split in three (like Rock, Paper, Scissors) between Elite armies, Horde armies and Gunline armies. For me the +'s that the Orks got are simply amazing. Infact the only -'s (or changes) for Orks in general I would personally make are the following:

(Note that this is simply one persons opinion)

Opinions of changes


Although the base Strength of (4) for Boyz as well as a large amount of attacks is great, I do kinda gringe at the fact that they have
WS:(3+) value.
To me, it should be WS:(4+) instead to balance the fact that they have reliable Strength value along side a high amount of attacks. This works well with balance in-game; as well as with the lore of the Orks themselves. As they are described to be ferocious and bellicose. Yet due to their blunt nature (and cumbersome physique) lack the accuracy of other species (thus lower To Hit roll values for WS and BS).


'Ere We Go! ability should be: A unit with this ability adds 1" to any Advance, Pile In and/or Consolidation move. If the unit contains 20 or more models, or is within 6" of a friendly Ork unit that contains 20 or more models, it adds D3" instead.


Ghazghkull Thraka's Great Waaagh! ability adds "Re-roll charge rolls" instead of granting +1 Attacks. However, Advance and charge remains the same for Waaagh! and Great Waaagh! abilities.


Change Mob Rule to a similar trait to the Vehicle system. E.I. if the unit contains (or is within 6" of a friendly Ork unit) 20 or more models; unit gets Ld:10. If it contains (or is within 6" of a friendly Ork unit) 11-19 models; unit gets Ld:7. And lastly. If the unit contains 10 or less models (or is within 6" of a friendly Ork unit); it gets Ld:5.

With these changes in mind, we see the Ork Boyz with the following stats:


With Choppa granting +1 Attack, Green Tide granting +1 Attack and the chance to get +1 Attack from Wierdboy, this leaves Orks with 3-5 Attacks total, Hitting on 4+, Wounding similar models on 4+ while adding (with the change to 'Ere We Go!) more inches to Pile In your models faster.

This is a way more balanced approach then the current 3+ To Hit in melee with 4-6 Attacks total we have now. But again. This is just one mans opinion.


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