Hive Tyrant model finagling

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Hive Tyrant model finagling

Post by Corsair420 » Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:42 pm

so I finally got my magnets so i decided t dust off the hive tyrant i've been saving, is it possible for a flying hive tyrant to take 2 twin linkd devourers with BLW? normally it says you can replace one pair of scything talons with blank, but for the hive tyrant it just says they can take items(plural) from the monstrous biocannons list, I've never seen someone with 2 sets, i gues becuase the wings take and arm slot on the actual model, but I know forgeworld offers a pair of twin linked devourer arms with 2 guns on each arm that would look pretty cool. I plan on getting a 2nd tyrant and make one interchangable btwen swarmlord and walkrant

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Re: Hive Tyrant model finagling

Post by Vespan » Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:36 am

Some suggestions:
1. Don't waste your many on FW devourers. You can easily make your own. Just cut off the palm of one of many MC hands provided in the flyrant box, and glue 2 regular devourers. You can easily find some examples in the internet.
2. Even big magnets will have trobule supporning flyrant wings. You should make a pin to support the wing and smaller magnet just to hold it in right position.
3. Make just one set of devourers. Nobody will make a fuzz about not having 2 when you sue the wings. Even on large tournaments.


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