Nobody likes to play me

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Re: Nobody likes to play me

Post by Sniperfex » Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:45 pm

Just a little bit. Anyway, forgot to mention this Thursday.

I asked two buddies of mine if they fancied a 2 on 1 against me where I could use my Imperial Knight, one of them has a Wraithknight the other has enough Missile Launchers do some serious damage.

you want to know what he said?

"If you use that I can use your baneblade". I then presumed to go tell him to fudge himself. Because a 375 model is nowhere near an advantage compared to a S9 Ap3 ten inch blast on a 550+ pointed vehicle... That and the last time I loaned my Baneblade for a scenario game one of her aerials got broken off.

needless to say, I said to him that I'd give him an extra 500 points for whatever he wanted, but he still said no. So I ended up just facing off against the Eldar guy with a 2000 point list. He took 10 farseers as Unbound just to try it. T'was a funny game
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