Finalising Apoc List (Warning quite a read)

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Finalising Apoc List (Warning quite a read)

Post by Concreteus » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:58 pm

Hi fellow war gamers,

So my huge annual apocalypse game is approaching and so I have started to finalise my list and would greatly appreciate any insight that my fellow Tau players can provide. The following is quite a large read but it basically outlines what I brought and why I brought it. I have a few points left (177) but hopefully after some input I will figure out what to do with them.

Tau Apocalypse 9000 Point Force 2013


- Homing Beacon
(Gameplay Note: Put him inside the manta and use his provocation of elements to increase his buff range to stupid proportions, this will also work on the homing beacon allow any deepstriking suits to be placed within 6” of the Manta without scattering)

Commander R’alai
- 2 Blacklight Marker Drones
(Note: Hit and Run from Vectored Retro Thrusters)
(Gameplay Note: Due to ammunition types and the fact he can’t join units he is best suited to taking out normal tanks and small groups of elites and hordes)


Fire Warrior Team (12) x 3
- Carbine
- Devilfish
- Sensor Spines
- Disruption Pod
- Smart Missile Systems

Fire Warrior Team (12) x 3
- Pulse Rifle
- Devilfish
- Sensor Spines
- Disruption Pod
- Smart Missile Systems


Riptide (6)
- Ion Accelerator
- Twin-Linked SMS
- Riptide Wing Formation (3) x 2

(Game Note: SMS chosen for long range fire power option in an attempt to the riptides as far from enemy units as possible, this will help maximize the damage they can inflict.

Riptide Wing helps increase the chances of Nova Overcharge Rolls and also increases the BS of every Riptide past the first when shooting at the same target.)

XV9 ‘Hazard’ Close Support Team (2) x 3
- Fusion Cascade

Designers Note: Currently unsure if I want to bring these suits, their role is anti tank/elite infantry at close range due to weapon restrictions and they are quite pricey however they do have T5 W2 with hit and run.

One alternative is simply to add more Crisis suits with twin linked fusion guns. They cost half as much but also produce potentially half the amount of fire power (Fusion Cascades being D3 each so each squad is between 2 – 6 fusion shots). However for their specific battlefield role close range anti tank losing 126 points in a super heavy explosion is a lot better then losing 180 in Hazard suits.

The second option is to use the points to bring some broadsides in the list. HY missile pods would add to the already considerable anti-horde/elite/flier/light-mid vehicle fire power that is already in the list. The range is a bit short however they could be put in the Manta and dropped off when required.

Crisis Suit Team (3) x 3
- Twin Linked Fusion Gun

Fast Attack

Tetra (6 Individual Squads 1/squad)

(Game Note: Tetras come with homing beacons allowing me to have precision deepstrikes within 6” of each Tetra. Along with the Manta’s Ethereal Homing Beacon this allows me a great deal of tactical flexability)

DX-6 ‘Remora’ Drone Fighter (6 Individual Squads 1/squad)

(Game Note: A Strategic Resource being used is re-arm which allows all 1 shot weapons to be reload effectively allowing all seeker missiles to be fired twice army wide. Remoras come with 2 seeker missiles each as well as a network markerlight.

In game terms these can come on first turn and fire off both missiles at either tanks or fliers. The opponent won’t know that I have re-arm so their target priority will be low after this which will increase their chances of survival and will give me another 2 seeker missile shots in the following turn.)

Pathfinders (5) x 2

(Designers Note: Unsure currently if Pathfinders are better for this list or similar sized units of marker drones. The Pathfinders will allow for infiltrating positions which will work well with my Seeker Missile plan as they should be able to put some early marker light hits on units allowing the missiles to hit on 2+’s rather than the 4+’s then normally require.

The strength of the marker-light drones for this list is that they can accurately deep-strike due to the large amount of homing beacons that are on the table, allowing me to have better positioned marker-light hits for later in the game. They would also add to my reserve numbers allowing me a cheap way of getting my more expensive stuff in on turn 1 and leaving these cheap “throw away” units for turn 2.)

Heavy Support

Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunship (3)
- Sky-Sweep Missile Defense Formation
- Disruption Pod
- Devilfish
o Disruption Pod

Game Note: The Sky-Sweep Missile Defense Formation gives all units with-in 24” of the command vehicle (Devilfish) the shrouded special rule against all fliers, which with my past experience of apocalypse games is generally well worth it. In pervious years one team every year brings 20+ imperial fliers.

Hammerhead Gunship (3)
- Longstrike
- Rail Cannon
- Sub-munitions
- Disruption Pod

Super Heavies

Manta Super-Heavy Dropship

Designers Note: Unsure currently if I should put 4 sets of troops in the Manta so that I can use it to take over my opponents objectives once his units have been removed.

By keeping them in the Manta they should be relatively safe from harm because as far as I’m away there are very few units that have D strength that are not blast weapons, with Tau being the exception to this rule as we only have D weapons that are not blasts.

Game Note: For my second Strategic Asset I’m considering taking “For the Greater Good” which means that an enemy unit must shoot at the closet Tau unit. If I put the manta at the spearhead of my force this will mean that any D-weapon will have to shoot at it and because it is a flyer all the D-weapon blasts will be neutralized for one turn.

Tiger Shark AX-1-0 x 2
- Decoy Launchers x 2
- 6 Seeker Missiles x 2
- Tau Titan-Killer Cadre

Designers Note: I’ve put the extra 6 seeker missiles on each Tiger Shark to work in conjunction with the Re-arm Strategic resource. As the Tiger Shark is a super heavy I can shoot the missiles at individual targets if required or all at one target and due to it being a super heavy it can fire all of it’s missiles in one turn.

Along with the Re-arm Asset it basically gives me 44 Seeker Missile shots between the Manta and the 2 Tiger Sharks.

Game Note: The Titan-Killer Cadre formation is a brilliant new addition to the Tau Apocalypse set. On a 4+ when a D weapon strikes a shield it can destroy it and keep going onto the next one which you keep rolling for unit it hits the vehicle or you run under a 4.

Not only this but you pick up D3 victory points for a nominated super-heavy if you kill it with this formation which is a nice little bonus.

Final Thoughts

Firstly if you have read all that, thank you for your patience and if you leave a comment then thank you for your insight.

I have access to 3 Strategic Assets and so far I only really have the Re-arm locked in and I'm leaning towards the "For the Greater Good" asset as well, however if anyone has any better suggestions then I'm certainly open to them.

As for what I have access to that I haven't listed then it's about 21 crisis suits all mag, 6 broadsides, most of the characters, enough drones to bogle the mind, another 5 Hammerheads, more pathfinders and everything else that I've listed above.

Once again thanks to anyone who adds some advice.


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