2000 point death guard/alpha legion/Thousand Suns list

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2000 point death guard/alpha legion/Thousand Suns list

Post by snowydude » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:20 am

Yo peoples of the forum I got back into the game somewhat recently and changed over from tau to CSM armies because why not.
the problem is that I have no idea how to properly build lists for CSM or their chapters. So i was hoping to get some thoughts and comments on my insanity. so here it is, the triple faction 2000 point army

Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons)
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (Gaze of Fate, Infernal Gateway, Malefic talon, Wings)
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour(Familiar, Force stave, Inferno Combi-bolter, Prescience, Warptime)
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour( Death Hex, Doombolt, Familiar, Force sword, Helm of the Third Eye, Inferno Combi-bolter)

Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines)
Chaos Lord with Jump Pack(Combi-plasma, Mark of Khorne, Power sword, The Murder Sword)

Lord Arkos ( Combi-melta, I am Alpharius, Warlord)

Fabius Bile

Chosen Champion( Combi-plasma, Plasma pistol) (Mark of Slaanesh)
Chosen Missile launcher
Chosen Bolt pistol, Plasma gun
Chosen Bolt pistol, Plasma gun
Chosen Bolt pistol, Plasma gun
Chosen Bolt pistol, Plasma gun

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard)
Malignant Plaguecaster( Miasma of Pestilence, Plague Wind)
Typhus ( Blades of Putrefaction, Putrescent Vitality)

19x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun
Cultist Champion Autogun

Plague Marines
Plague Champion Plaguesword, Plasma gun
4x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
Plague Marine Plasma gun
Plague Marine Plasma gun

20x Poxwalker

Helbrute Missile launcher, Twin lascannon
Tallyman Plasma pistol

Plagueburst Crawler 2x Entropy cannon, Heavy Slugger


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