Starting Thousand Sons

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Starting Thousand Sons

Post by Grimbold17 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:17 pm

Hey fellow Miniwargaming-Enthusiasts,

I have been very tempted lately to perhaps start Warhammer 40K.
A friend of mine (Tau) recently got back into it and another friend of ours has also started (Space Wolves).

An army that always interested me are the Thousand Sons but I am really struggling to know where to start. Obviously I would buy the codex first but the two friends are currently playing a lot of 1,000 point games and that would be my first starting points.

At the moment I am a bit lost in how you would put together a list of Thousand Sons (and in general in 40K) and have just looked at models that I really like design-wise :D

I dabbled around a little bit with Battlescribe which gave me the following list which I find hard to believe is playable:

Daemon Prince with wings

5xScarab Occult Terminators (1xScarab Occult Sorcerer, 4xTerminator with Inferno Combi Bolter and Powersword)

5xRubric Marines (1xAspiring Sorcerer, 4xMarines with Inferno Boltgun)

5xRubric Marines (1xAspiring Sorcerer, 4xMarines with Inferno Boltgun)



Could you perhaps give me any advice on a good 1,000 point force and other units to expand from 1,000 points onwards?

Thank you all

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Re: Starting Thousand Sons

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:45 pm

Well first we have to know where you stand playstyle wise, does close combat or sitting back and shooting appeal to you more? Once we get a clue as to what your preferences are then we can give you more specific advice
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Re: Starting Thousand Sons

Post by Jeffers » Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:36 am

I would invest in rhinos to get you rubrics around due to there slow movement and get those bolguns in range. They are reasonably cheap. I would drop the helldrake to get the room

Have you considered the special weapons at all. The missile rack on the terminator or the flamers on rubrics

I would wait for the codex as there will be points drop.

Ive always loved ahriman, maybe invest in him for a centre piece

Now we're getting somewhere...
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Re: Starting Thousand Sons

Post by Grimbold17 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:13 am

Hey guys,

thank you for your replies.

@Salamand3rs4Lyfe Playstyle-wise I would think that due to the Thousand Sons bringing some Sorcerers, keeping some distance to the enemy, shooting and using the psychic phase sounds like a good option. However, I would also like to have a unit or two that pack some punch once the enemy has arrived. I thought that Terminators would for example serve that purpose.

@Jeffers I indeed have not yet delved deeper into the special options for the different units, but I will have a closer look at that as well as transport!

I mainly included the Heldrake (like the other models to be honest) due to the model being just extremely awesome and the couple of 40K games that I saw in person all of the people brought at least one flyer.

Thank you all again for bearing with me ^^


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