The Unforsaken-Death Guard Vectorium

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The Unforsaken-Death Guard Vectorium

Post by Lord-Terrycus » Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:40 pm

The Fourteenth Sepsis Cohort of the Seventh Plague Company, the Unforsaken are rusted warriors of proud heritage. So much so as to even remain the stoic warriors they had been since the days of the Legion. Their warriors focused and of pure destructive intent, making them extremely efficient at their duties. At least as effective as the Legion they have been since the beginning.

A very strong force of the Death Guard lead by Lord Scyrimm Deathbringer. Each colony within each Maladictum consists of around a hundred and twenty Plague Marines and ten Blightlords, different from most Maladictums, their first Colony is the same as the rest of them, resulting in-at least in Scyrimms opinion-the strongest forms of colony the Deathguard can produce. His Sepsis in understandably large because of this, as he has proven his strength as often as he can against members of the Chaos pantheon, including renegade chapters that fight for Nurgle.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the Legion, his Vectorium-The Unforsaken-have also aided on several occasions the Imperium Of Man. Be it fighting others of their Legion, other Chaos Forces, or Xenos of any kind. The Unforsaken have always avoided Imperial Forces whenever they can, even fleeing from them if it would prevent the loss of Imperial lives.
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