2500 night lords terror

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2500 night lords terror

Post by Geradox » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:56 am

Chaos lord: claws of the hunt
Winged daemon Prince of nurgle; sword and warp bolters, warptime
Termie sor: combie melta, sword, death hex/miasma

30 blood letters with horn and banner
3x5 man csm squads with banner of despair

3x5 man possessed squads with banner of despair

2x5 man raptor squads with banner of despair

1 land raider with combie melts havoc launcher
1 Las pred
1 defiler combie melts, lascannon, twin heavy flamer

2x rhinos

The idea here is to stack the nightlords ability with the raptors visage and the banner ability to make even a single loss devastating to morale. The blood letters are there to either summon in late game or to deny deepstike in my rear at start of game. The Lord will have the trait to force a reroll on passed morale checks (forgot what it's called)

Side note I know it would be better with more raptors but I only got 10. And I'm playing with what I got. But saying that you guys got any ideas what to make this better?

I've tested this list against generic marines and within 1 and a half turns nearly tabled my opponent before he rage quit
Chaos always, always chaos.


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