Which primarch next to return?

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Re: Which primarch next to return?

Post by Kovlovsky » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:59 am

Salamand3rs4Lyfe wrote:Sweet heavens, kov....I think I am going to vomit or cry, I can't tell which. And I was looking forward to reading about the conquest of one of my least favorite chapters at the hands of a traitor legion I enjoyed but now. Now I'm just going to peruse eBay for the rules book for wrath of magnus and steer clear of the story book. :cry:
Yeah, I was quite angry personally. They completely missed the target group for the book (TS and Tzeentch daemons players). Like Tazok said, you only need the Traitor Legion's supplement if you want TS rules. You will only miss the new horrors rules if you do so (the Tzeentch daemons decurion is pretty bad overall, so it's a non-issue). Everything that is related to Space Wolves fluff is written by fan boys, so don't expect them to ever lose a straight up battle or being punished for their numerous and constant tactical, operational and strategic mistakes. The only book that I know and that makes fun of them is the second book of the Ahriman trilogy. They are pretty much pictured as fools the whole time. 8)

Ultramarines got an awful reputation for mary sueishness because of Matt Ward's dreadful writing, but the real mary sues of 40k has always been the SW really. The only difference is that the SW writers have more talent than Ward had and are able to camouflage it better. The new Ultramarines writers have made them much more bearable, so they've been dethroned by the SW right now. /ranting ended

I'm sorry to be so blunt in front of the SW players on the forum! The players aren't responsible for GW declining writing talents.
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Re: Which primarch next to return?

Post by NotAlpharius » Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:50 pm

The new Ultramarines writers have made them much more bearable, so they've been dethroned by the SW right now.
There will always be a favored chapter. It was Ultrasmurfs in the darkness that was the Wardian times. When Clan Raukaan was published Iron Hands became the new favored, maybe not overtly in publication and narrative but certainly in ruleset. Now Wolves have taken the spotlight due to GW coinciding 30K and 40K releases to maximize wallet pain.
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Re: Which primarch next to return?

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:11 pm

Honestly the rubric rules and the tzeentch daemon rules were the main reason I was going to get wrath of magnus, along with the updated tzeentch psychic powers for csm and chaos daemons
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