Question about detachments: Night Lords

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Re: Question about detachments: Night Lords

Post by Adeptus007 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:45 am

Kovlovsky wrote:
Adeptus007 wrote:That's nice to hear, I've been toying with the idea of running my army under black legion rules and just paint the models as night lords. My only problem was the black legion speartip has no obsec, so I was thinking of running a separate formation/detachment to give me some obsec units
Personally, I don't think that taking a Black Legion Speartip and a Murder Talon at the same time is feasible in an efficient way at 2000 pts. I think it asks for too many requirements that would force you making huge sacrifices in terms of equipment and end with small units without the tools to do their job. Use a CAD with cultists if you need objective holders with a Black Legion Speartip. It's much cheaper and more easy to do. The Black Legion also works well in a CAD with terminators and Chosen as troops. It's hard to remove terminators from objectives and Chosen can unleash a lot of firepower. Anyway, you can experiment quite a bit once you have your models.
Yea I agree it won't work trying to run both. Currently I've been looking at a speartip build that uses the normal black legion detachment (the one where I have to take a lord, 2-6 CSM, and so on) and a raptor Talon with the warlord being the Chaos lord in the raptor Talon. I found that by doing this I gave up obsec but I was able to put a lot of upgrades on the units I had, like melta bombs everywhere and upgraded close combat weapons. I was also toying with the idea of scarab occult terminators with a lord and I figured that might not be bad, and I would gain access to a psycher with terminator armor along with 4 other terminators.

As per usual feed back is always welcome :)


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