750 point tournament

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750 point tournament

Post by salmonc97 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:58 pm

Hello everyone,
My local group is planning on doing a tournament at 750 points with everyone pooling in 15-20 dollars and the winner gets a renegades box. I play Space wolves and AdMech but also have access to Orks and Deathguard. The other restrictions are no Lords of War, no Flyers and you must take at least a battalion detachment. It is not for at least a month so I have time for playtesting but any list ideas would be much appreciated. What I am thinking currently is
HQ Bjorn w Helfrost Cannaon 242
Njal w TDA 153
Troops 3x Grey Hunters w chainswords 65 (195)
Elites Ven Dread w Axe and Shield 160

at 750 points basic marines are not too terrible and Bjorn and the Dread should clean up anything that gets close while marching across the board and njal denies any smites that get too crazy. That or I drop Bjorn, the dread and Njals armor and bring a Wolf priest, WGBL both with jump packs and a squad of wulfen with two ss th and two axes. Thoughts?


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