Advice for a new deathwatch player.

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Advice for a new deathwatch player.

Post by Gamer-Guy » Wed May 23, 2018 3:14 pm

I’m going to be starting a deathwatch army very soon, and I was hoping to get some pointers on things I should or shouldn’t take, and some general tips for tactics and army builds.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Advice for a new deathwatch player.

Post by Aclys » Fri May 25, 2018 2:50 am

Veteran squads are your bread, butter and the kitchen sink. Using killteams either as full 10-man units or configured to combat-squad into 5 veterans + specialists will cover most of what you do with this army. 5 vets + 4 bikes + 1 vanguard for example gets you a combatsquad for covercamping and a bikesquad that can shoot, charge, fall back next turn and shoot+charge again.

Primaris teams lack in specialists options but have more wounds per model and can be built to be mobile, advance and shoot at no penalty, anti infantry units or flexible cover campers with more wounds and better bolters (though veterans with storm bolters will arguably outshoot prims for the same cost) two primary ways to build primaris teams involve adding an inceptor + 4 hellblasters for a plasma party bus on legs, or inceptor + aggressors for massive anti horde dakka with inceptor meatshields to keep your more valuable units alive longer.

The big edge of using killteams over purer squads of elites or fast attack options is getting objective secured and they are troop choices. And since battalions now give 5cp this is far preferable to the other formations giving only 1cp.

Finally do not neglect the non-infantry options. Dreadnoughts give you solid breadboxes that can bring 2+ hitting dual lascannons and no-penalty powerfists, the long range anti-tank gun especially being something your veteran and prim teams cant get. Missile launchers and cyclones will do you fine against eldar and other enemy armies that have no T8 units though.

Edit: as a bonus, if you build a deathwatch dread with some extra skulls and like iconography you can easily run it as a forgeworld chaplain dreadnought, giving you the double benefit of it filling up a compulsory hq slot and getting the character keyword and, as it has 8 wounds, protection from enemy firepower except snipers (who it will usually laugh at).


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