To magnitize or not to magnatize

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To magnitize or not to magnatize

Post by originalpancake » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:08 am

How do you tell when what your taking is difinitive anough to not manatize the model espesialy on smaller models.

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Re: To magnitize or not to magnatize

Post by Koonitz » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:29 pm

Other than line infantry, if there are multiple options I may want to consider fielding, I will magnetize. A Terminator is about the smallest I will magnetize, and then only rarely. I will never magnetize a regular Space Marine, or anything smaller. It becomes fiddly, it's tricky and requires patience, and I don't like having to be careful about picking up my infantry when moving them. However, I will throw magnets all over anything dreadnought sized or larger, if there are enough options worth doing it on.

A good example is a Forge World contemptor dreadnought. There are so many worthwhile options, up to and including both the regular and mortis pattern contemptors, and it's super easy to magnetize one.
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Re: To magnitize or not to magnatize

Post by ado409 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:53 am

Agree with Koonits. I would always WYSIWYG with troops and infantry cause theyre cheaper. For larger models such as thundercav or other tanks where it is very easy to magnetise, then i would too. however, for large flyers, i wouldnt bother, just build the model the way you want and jst have down on your list what all t he guns are. For example, im not magnetising all 14 weapon types for a repulsor tank, so just build it one way and leave it.
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Re: To magnitize or not to magnatize

Post by Nihlathak » Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:39 am

It really depends. On guardsmen? No chance.
On space marines it's arguable, but for deathwatch it's mandatory imo.

I've magnetized both wrists and shoulders because I don't want to paint more than I have to, as well as not having to buy a shitload of the deathwatch upgrade sprues and/or models in general. As of now I have ~50 marines that all can use everything, including 10 vanguard vets and 5 termies.

The only weapons I've only magnetized shoulders on are the heavy weapons, but I'm changing that when I have the time to file down and rebuild the wrists with epoxy putty. Interestingly enough everything does hold up to play, I even made a more flashy arm where a powerfist is strangling a bird (spare bit from some acolytes), pretty heavy but the magnet keeps it upright and it doesn't move, even during play. I figured that dabbing some liquid greenstuff on the shoulderjoints increases rotational friction, and so far it holds up well. The downside is that I've used close to 200 magnets now and I have to build a whole armory to keep all the bits in place for transporting.
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Re: To magnitize or not to magnatize

Post by Nexus_Crawler » Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:53 am

I am going to echo Koonitz here.

The problem with any type of magnetization is that, after you magnetize, you then need to keep track of those pieces. this is harder than it seems.

I have magnetized some of my ravenwing attack bikes and land speeders and have grown to regret it; over time I have lost so many of the pieces! On the other hand, my imperial knights are all magnetized - but I only have 3 knights and the subassemblies are large / easy to keep track of.

My personal philosophy now is to just buy the models I want and to build them one way. if I need to change the loadout I will either remodel them or buy new models.
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