Imperial Knight House Redclaw

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Imperial Knight House Redclaw

Post by Lord-Terrycus » Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:37 pm

The House Of Redclaw was formed after the events known as the Mauling, in which the-at the time-six Knight houses of the world battled chain to tooth with the massive dire beasts of the deep ravines of the plains of Aldrasis, deep icy plains full of the creatures. After months of battle and losses, the lead beast was located by the Lance knight known as Barasov. A conflict insued, the Lance of House Barasov versus the beast of Red Claw. The battle lasted for an hour, with victory uncertain as knights were torn apart by the deadly creature-as large as the walkers he battled. Though finally, the knight Barasov drove a blast of his thermal cannon through the beasts skull-melting his opponent. The loss of five knights was keenly felt, but the beasts seemed to have lost their fight-easily driven off by those who remained.

A meeting was called of all six houses sometime after their plains were secured. A consensus was finally called by the leaders of the House, and the lesser house of Barasov was called to lead all knights in the coming years. His response was not expected-as he banished the House names. Reforming his Brother knights instead into the house of Redclaw-taking the name of the beast that was slain by his Titan for the house that would form. Six baronies were formed on the great northern plains of Aldrasis, with a seventh reserved for the High King. Thus forming the current lands of the Knights of Redclaw, and the state they were found in ten thousand years later was much unchanged.

The current leader of the House Of Redclaw is High King Bobious Barasov, with over a hundred knights before the Mechanicus could aid them-and with almost three times that with the close ties that have been awarded them by the Mechanicus. Even more of the smaller Armiger knights have been spread amongst lesser nobles and those who can be trusted to pilot their knights by the nobles Of Redclaw. Leading to these knights often being called upon by the Mechanicus for various reasons-though they always deny any attempt to bring them into Titan legions, as they are too keen on the lay of their home to agree to such a thing.

The Knight House is to be featured in a few reports as soon as I have the mini’s Painted. They will be in place of or addition to my Necron army. We will see.

Gharus, Lionell, Haxion, Survios, Kiedrowski, Barasov and Phendra.

Thanks for reading!
First Knight Alexi Barsov Of Redclaw


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