Astra Militarum: 750 pts

Talk about all the armies of the Imperium here, from the mighty Space Marines to the innumerable Astra Militarum.
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Re: Astra Militarum: 750 pts

Post by The Airman » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:57 pm

Thanks Ronin! 8)

Well darn, I suppose I'll figure something out for 1000 points then. I was laughing hysterically IRL thinking about the number of shots the Tauroxes would be able to dish out. Thinking about it now, you folks are right their defense is way too soft and half or most of them would evaporate in a good turn of shooting.

Decisions, decisions. 6_9
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Re: Astra Militarum: 750 pts

Post by Signet-Powers » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:08 pm

I would be cautious to take more than 3 of any type of vehicle at most, main reason being that, aside from what everyone else has said so far, you also don't want to be like all those people who's sitting there now with nothing but 10 Chimeras or 6 wyverns.

I think at 1000pts you want at least 1 Leman Russ. The cannon's are mediocre at best but the sponsons are solid and unless you're facing lascannons they can soak up a large amount of firepower.


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