[Space wolves] Newbie wanting opinion on my 1850 list :)

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[Space wolves] Newbie wanting opinion on my 1850 list :)

Post by Talmir » Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:46 pm

This is a list I am maybe considering for a local tournament. I am a newbie so any advice or crit on my list is greatly appreciated :)

- Arjac's shieldbrothers (with four termies w/hammer and shield, 1x land raider crusader w/multimelta, Arjac) 567 pts

Wolves unleashed detachment
- Bjorn the Fell Handed, Last of the Company of Russ (220pts) (w/Hellfrost cannon)
- Njal Stormcaller, the Tempest that Walks (180pts)
- Wolf Lord (166pts) (runic armor, 2x wolves, black death) Warlord.

- Dreadnought (195pts) (Berserker, drop pod w/deathwind missile)
- Dreadnought (125pts) (Assault cannon & missile launcher)

- Grey Hunters (152pts) (7x grey hunters, will be accompanies by wolf lord, Wolf standard, chainswords all around, 1x plasma)
- Grey Hunters (95pts) (5x grey hunters, chainswords, 1x plasma)

Heavy Support
- Long Fangs (150pts) (4x missile launchers, 1x plasma gun)

you may notice that I like dreadnoughts and I am aiming for a little slow moving but heavy hitting theme on this.

Other things that I own which I did not include in the list:
Storm-wolf, 3x thunderwolf cavalry (hammer and two fists), one rune priest in terminator armor, A razorback w/lascannon, A Rhino, 5x scouts (snipers and a missile launcher), A few more grey hunters and 5x terminators with double wolf claws.

What do you think?

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Re: [Space wolves] Newbie wanting opinion on my 1850 list :)

Post by aura-enchanted » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:57 pm

Drop pods should rarely if ever tale deathwind launchers stick to standard storm bolters. My rule is to keep the ratio 1:3 if I'm going to bring them at all 1 deathwind for every 3 pods.

A dread with assault cannon and missles is wonky, aim to get two weapons with the same range for his shooting such as plasma and assault or lascannon and missles

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Re: [Space wolves] Newbie wanting opinion on my 1850 list :)

Post by GexAlmighty » Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:17 pm

I'm gonna be pretty blunt here and say that slow but heavy hitting just isn't the way to play space wolves. With SW you gotta get in fast, get the job done and move on. You will just get your puppies shot to death with this list I'm afraid.

First thing i have to say is to lose the Wolflord, he is too expensive for what he does. If you want a super killy model to fit in with your troops, take a Lonewolf. He will give them fearless and can be upgraded to carry anything you want and is way too hard to kill for his points.

I'm not a big Dreadnought fan and only ever use them with standard gear to keep them cost effective. I do like the concept of drop podding them in but this only works when you bring a lot. One drop pod with a dreadnaught in it is just giving your opponent a very expensive machine to take first blood with (trust me i tried.) What i've learned is that if you are taking drop pods, take 3. No more and no less, because you will automatically have half of your pods rounded up (half of 3 rounded up is 2) on the board on your first turn (Drop pod assault rules)

If you want to play with Bjorn in this list i would keep him at the back with your long fangs. Bjorn is a shooting unit at heart and so is best used to support a shooty unit so that when someone tries to get to your table edge to kill your fangs, they have to go through Bjorn (Hint, they usually won't be able to get through bjorn unless they are carrying melta hell) Also lose the plasmagun and keep your longfang ancient as stock, you will pretty much never be shooting your longfangs at anything within 24" range and the ancient is already a mandatory waste of 15 points as it is

As for the other dreads, decide the roles you want them to play before you gear them up. If you want killy, take Murderfang. If you want tanky you could try a venerable dread with the blizzard shield. He can be incredible in combat but he never gets there. 3++ on only the front armor isn't enough, he will just get shot in the side unless your opponent is a dunce. But if you want something that will deviate the heavy fire from your troops without dying too fast, just take a couple of standard 95pt dreads. The multimelta and powerfist are some of the best weapons in the game and it COSTS you points to trade them for other things, screw that.

You have a Stormwolf, put it in your list with 10 Grey hunters w/ chainswords and flamers every single game. Watch people cry.

Don't skimp out on grey hunters if you can avoid it, either give them a full 10 or take 9 with a HQ and stick them in a rhino. Metal boxes are really good at the moment as it basically means they will have to throw twice as much firepower at you to kill your troops and they cost 35 points AND they get you into combat quicker. Remember, troops are the core of your army, not just a mandatory expense.

Unless you are going to spam lots of troops don't bother taking the wolves unleashed detachment, they have some cool stuff in there but you lose the objective secured rule that you would get from the combined arms detachment. If you don't know what that is it basically means that anything listed as troops (including transports bought for troops) always have priority over objective markers. So say you have your grey hunters standing on an objective and your opponent has terminators stood on the same objective, instead of contesting the point, you control it because you are troops. (This is broken because it means you can just full speed your empty rhino at a point your opponent is holding with a heavy support or something and your metal box on wheels will have priority)

As for your terminators, I've never tried the arjack formation but i believe they give your termi's +1 toughness or something? I think that should be a pretty scary unit to have jumping out of a Landraider and instantly charging. You want them even tougher? Put your termi rune priest in them with mastery level 2 and Biomancy. If you manage to roll endurance, your opponent will cry 10/10.

Sorry if this came across a little harsh but that's just my experience with wolves. If you really want a fancy dreadnought army then i can recommend blood angels instead
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Re: [Space wolves] Newbie wanting opinion on my 1850 list :)

Post by MadMedek » Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:52 pm

You shouldnt pick a Dreadnought over TWC
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Re: [Space wolves] Newbie wanting opinion on my 1850 list :)

Post by MrSchoesler » Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:14 am

Making a 1850p list sounds like a bad idea if you are a beginner.
Start out small and learn every unit so you won't forget rules and stuff.
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