The Festivel

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The Festivel

Post by Fighting Gopher » Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:58 am

Incase anyone was unaware of it and hope it's okay to post on here, there is a major tournament in Burlington on April 28th. There are tournaments in all the game systems;

Warhammer 40K - 2500 points
Warhammer Fantasy - 2200 points
Warmachine/Hordes - 50 points
Flames of War 1750 points Late War

Fantasy is already filled up with 20 people. All the rest of the systems are open though. Prize support is based on attendance, but it's usually pretty good.

If anyone wants to go, I don't mind carpooling, however I live in Beamsville and don't want to back track.

If anyone wants details pm me. You will want to register beforehand to ensure you have a spot. It's always a good event every year.
Warhammer 40K - 41,000 points
Warhammer Fantasy - 27000 wounds (I'm guessing)
Flames of War - 6000 points
Warmachine Cryx - 100 points
Hordes Circle - 240 points

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Re: The Festivel

Post by Celedor » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:18 am

Going to mwg's tourney that day, but thanks for the heads up!


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