D&D Encounters

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D&D Encounters

Post by Kregor » Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:22 pm

Would anyone in the area be interested in playing D&D Encounters at the Club?

It's a fast-paced version of D&D, more focused on the fighting than the roleplaying. WotC runs it. They provide the storyline, the figures and most of the information for the DM and Players. They even provide pre-made characters if you're in a real hurry.

The benefit to this versus regular D&D is that, with the set time and place every week, the nature and length of the gameplay, (appx 2 hours), and the way everything is set up for you, it's easier on the schedule for those of us with other obligations (Work, school, children). On top of that, it's a good place to introduce new players to the mechanics of the game, but is engaging enough to keep experienced players interested.

The catch is that it has to be held at a store.

So, if you're interested, reply back in this post. Even more helpful, let me know if can DM too, since we'd need both. If we have enough interested folks, maybe the Club would investigate hosting the event.

More info on the game below:

http://wizards.com/dnd/Event.aspx?x=dnd ... encounters


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