learning how to play

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learning how to play

Post by Jebais » Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:07 pm

i wasn't quite sure where to put this and here looked good so ill get to the point...
im a new player to 40k and i have close to 3000 points of CSM i am yet to get the rulebook, dice and all that fun stuff but untill the i was wondering if someone could kinda show me the ropes hopefully someone who knows CSM and probably has a rulebook ive watched matts how to play vids but they can only get you so far so if anyone would like to help and lives in or near welland send me a msg... itd be very appreciated
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Re: learning how to play

Post by Ryan » Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:22 pm

Hey man! Welcome to the club :mrgreen: I'd love to give ya some tips or have a few games with ya, i play space marines and can basicaly match what ever your points limit is :mrgreen:

I do have school though so heres some other people you should ask as well:

MiniWarGaimg if you wana try for a Beat Mat Bat Rep
Vache Grace
Tombstone Haymaker

and i'm sure theres tons more :mrgreen:

If you want to try a few games i can bring some extra dice and a mesuring tape or you can use some of miniwargamings.

I also have a rule book.

Let me know if your interested or ask some one on the list :mrgreen:
-Ryan Guzowski
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