For those on the MWG Minecraft Server to have a place to chat, set up events, and advertise their shops.
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Post by Superior Man » Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:48 pm


apologies for being absent for the last two weeks. I can't play during the working days of a week anyway, but this time it wasn't possible at the weekend either. A mixture of having to work on the weekend, being desperately on the hunt for Battlefleet Gothic miniatures on Ebay (because GW doesn't even sell them anymore) and having to sell old stuff from myself for being able to afford them (prices have gone to the roof due to GW not selling the miniatures anymore, 70+ € for an Imperial Battleship for example) has kept me occupied for the last two weekends.

I'll try to join you again as soon as possible, but for now I just wanted to make clear that I haven't lost interest. Please don't delete me from the Whitelist. :D

I don't have cat pictures to appease you, so this will have to do:

Update (06/08/2016): -> Battlefleet Gothic playthrough! <-

O o


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